Q. What Immunizations need to be included in my immunization Record?
A.Your immunization record MUST include the following:

  • Hepatitis B Series & Hepatitis B titer (titer documentation must be current, within last 5 yrs)
  • MMR
  • Varicella & Varicella titer (titer documentation must be current, within 5 years)
  • Tdap (within last 10 years)

Q. If I have not taken a Biology Course, but have taken a cumulative science class and/or intend to take a biology course next year, am I eligible?
A. No, unfortunately we do require all applicants have completed one biology and one chemistry course to be eligible. If you are enrolled in either the biology or chemistry course at the time you submit the application, then you are eligible. Since the program is in the summer, you would have completed the requirement before the program began. If you are a junior and intend to take biology/AP biology in your senior year, you are an eligible applicant for that following summer. (Honor’s Integrates Science does not count as your biology credit). Email CRI@UCI.EDU for further questions.

Q. Is there a cost or any fee’s involved on the student participant’s part?
A. No, there is no cost for a student to participate in this summer fellowship program. The program is FREE.

Q. Who can submit a letter of support for the student applicant?  Can a counselor submit the letter?
A. The letter of support must be submitted by one of the student’s teachers that has first-hand knowledge of the student’s lab experience.  The letter must be emailed separately from the application by the teacher using their school email address and sent to cri@uci.edu with the student’s name in the subject line of the email. Students are recommended to remain actively involved to ensure the Letter of Recommendations are sent prior to the application deadline. We recommend you pick a teacher who has knowledge of your lab abilities and teachers in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) department.

— Only one letter of recommendation per student; if there are multiple names on the letter of support, then none of  the students qualify.
— The letter of recommendation much be written on letterhead or be emailed from the teachers school email  address.
— Please be aware that the due date for the letter of recommendation is non-negotiable and must also be received by March 9th, 2018 5:00 pm. If we receive a late one, the student applicant does not qualify.

Q. Does the transcript have to be an official transcript?  Will a transcript PDF file downloaded straight from Parchment be acceptable?
A. Yes, the transcript must be an official transcript. We recommend, scanning in the document and emailing it as a PDF. Yes, a PDF file downloaded directly from Parchment will be acceptable but must contain a signature from an administrator for authenticity. Do not sent a LINK to your transcript. It must come to us in PDF format ready for viewing.

Q. Will transportation be provided to the participants?
A. No, student participants must provide their own transportation. If you are selected for this program and require assistance with transportation, please email the CRI office at cri@uci.edu and we will address this on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Does the participants have to pay for parking?
A. No, a parking permit will be provided if the student will be driving to campus daily.

Q. What grade does the participant have to be in to apply?
A. At the time of the application deadline, the student participant needs to be a Junior or a Senior in high school. There are no exceptions to this. A sophomore going into junior year, does not qualify.

Q. Does the due date also apply for Letter of Recommendations?
A. Yes, Any letter-of-recommendation turned in after the due date will not be accepted and the student will be disqualified due to an incomplete application.

Q. Are applications reviewed on a rolling basis?
A. No, after the filing deadline date has passed, all applications are checked for completeness and accuracy before presented to a review committee

Q. Are students eligible that attend a high school outside of Orange County?
A. No, to be eligible for the program a student must attend a high school within Orange County, no exceptions. Even in the student lives in Orange County, They must be enrolled in an eligible high school. If you need to check your high school’s eligibility, here is a list of schools: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_high_schools_in_Orange_County,_California

Q. Is perfect attendance required during the entire six-week program?
A. Yes, students accepted into the program must attend six hours every day in the lab. Students cannot be enrolled in summer school or any other club or activity during the program dates. This includes personal obligations, vacations, observed religious holiday that would prevent attendance. There are exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but they must be arranged prior to the program starting. Attendance for final presentations on Aug 3rd, is mandatory. Failure to attend, prevents the student for receiving credit of completion for this program.

Q. If the program falls on the 4th of July, will the students be required to come in on a holiday?
A. No, the students get the holiday off.

Q. Are the students expected to come in on the weekends?
A. No, this is a Monday through Friday program only.

Q. Is there a phone number to call if we have any questions?
A. No, all questions can be submitted on-line and will receive a reply via on-line at cri@uci.edu.

Q. Are all signatures required on the application form?
A. Yes, the application will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness and must contain the needed signatures.

Q. May I submit my application and supporting documents in another format other than PDF?
A. No, ALL documents must be submitted in PDF format.

Note: These FAQ are continuously updated. Please email the CRI office at CRI@UCI.EDU of you have further questions. Thank you.

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