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CRI affiliates may use the links below to download text describing Shared Resources that can be used for grant applications.

Link to Download for Grant Application Resource Contact Information
Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources
BioBehavioral Shared Resource BBSR Director: Lari Wenzel, PhD ·
Manager: Chelsea McKinney, PhD, MPH ·
Facility Website:
Biostatistics Shared Resource BSR Director: Christine McLaren, PhD ·
Manager: Wen-Pin Chen, MS ·
Facility Website:
Dual Assignment Cover Letter Sample
Experimental Tissue Resource ETR Director: Robert Edwards, MD ·
Manager: Delia Tifrea, PhD, MBA ·
Facility Website:
Flow Cytometry Facility FCF Director: Eric Pearlman, PhD ·
Manager: Jennifer Atwood, PhD ·
Facility Website:
Genomics High Throughput Facility (GHTF) Director: Suzanne Sandmeyer, PhD ·
Manager: Melanie Oakes, PhD ·
Bioinformatics Core Director: Jenny Wu, PhD ·
Facility Website:
High Performance Computing Facility (HPC) Manager: Harry Mangalam, PhD ·
In Vivo Functional Onco Imaging (IVFOI) Director: Gultekin Gulsen, PhD ·
Manager: Farouk Nouizi ·
Facility Website:
Optical Biology Core (OBC) Director: Rahul Warrior, PhD ·
Manager: Adeela Syed, PhD ·
LAMMP Manager: Tatiana Krasieva, PhD ·
Facility Website:
Transgenic Mouse Facility (TMF) Director: Grant MacGregor, DPhil ·
Manager: Jon Neumann ·
Transgenic Mouse Facility Model Organism Resource Sharing Statement

NIH BioSketch Form D Resource:

NIH Biosketch Form D: Blank Template

NIH Biosketch Form D: Instructions & Sample pdf

UCI Accessibility Website:

UCI Office of Research Shared Facilities Depot ·

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