Cancer-related research is carried out by over 60 affiliated faculty members, and their post-docs, graduate students, and staff at the Cancer Research Institute (CRI).

CRI – Affiliated Faculty

Bogi Andersen
Scott Atwood
Lee Bardwell
Claudia Benavente
Bruce Blumberg
Alexander Boiko
Rémi Buisson
Michael Cahalan
Anne Calof
Richard Chamberlin
Phang-Lang Chen
Xing Dai
Michael Demetriou
Michelle Digman
Peter Donovan
Aimee Edinger
Robert Edwards
Angela Fleischman
David Fruman
Anand Ganesan
Ling Gao
Enrico Gratton
Klemens Hertel
Lan Huang
Christopher Hughes
Matthew Inlay
Peter Kaiser
Kai Kessenbrock
Mei Kong
Young Jik Kwon
Arthur Lander
Devon Lawson
Charles Limoli
John Lowengrub
Selma Masri
Dan Mercola
Edward Nelson
Eric Pearlman
Max Plikus
Thomas Poulos
Jennifer Prescher
Olga Razorenova
Elizabeth Read
Suzanne Sandmeyer
Paolo Sassone-Corsi
Bert Semler
Yongsheng Shi
Zuzanna Siwy
Rob Spitale
Christine Suetterlin
Richard Van Etten
S. Armando Villalta
Craig Walsh
Ping Wang
Wenqi Wang
Marian Waterman
Gregory Weiss
Katrine Whiteson
Kyoko Yokomori
Weian Zhao


**Note for UCI Faculty: If you are interested in becoming a CRI affiliate, please email CRI Director, Dr. Marian Waterman (marian.waterman (at) uci.edu) and cc Nita Driscoll (nrdrisco (at) uci.edu). All CRI affiliates are active and contributing members to the goals of The Cancer Research Institute.

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