2019 Palm Springs Symposium on HIV/AIDS

We are pleased to notify you about the 2019 Palm Springs Symposium on HIV/AIDS “New Horizons in AIDS Research” March 7, 8 & 9 2019 in Palm Springs, CA.

This is the twenty-sixth of an annual series of relatively small conferences organized by the UCI Cancer Research Institute and the UCLA CFAR/AIDS Institute.  The aim of this conference is to provide the latest information and to facilitate discussion between researchers both in HIV/AIDS and in related disciplines.

This year, the meeting will address various aspects of HIV infection, ranging from basic aspects of HIV replication, host restriction factors and immunity, immunopathogenesis, and approaches to preventing and controlling infection. We invite you to present your research in a thirty-minute presentation, which will include a twenty-five-minute oral presentation and five minutes for discussion.  There will be both plenary and poster sessions and free time for discussion and relaxation.  As an invited speaker, we will cover your travel (economy type airfare), lodging and registration.

We look forward to your response, and sincerely hope that we will see you at the meeting.

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