Application Instructions


Purpose:  The purpose of these research grants is to provide seed money and start-up funds for new faculty in the area of cancer research.  Research in both basic and clinical cancer-related problems will be supported.  It is expected that this seed money will allow for the development of nationally competitive proposals for peer-reviewed funding.

Eligibility: Eligible faculty series are: In Line, In Residence, Adjunct, Clinical-X, Clinical and Researcher.  Investigators within the first SIX years of their first independent faculty position are eligible.  They may not hold a competitive grant from a national agency (e.g. NIH, ACS etc.) or be a previous recipient of an ACS-IRG seed grant.  Investigators who hold funds from the California Cancer Program are eligible.  Investigators who hold personnel awards (e.g. any award where the majority of the funds are for the express purpose of supporting the investigator’s salary, such as the NIH K series) are eligible to apply as long as other criteria are met.  Investigators whose initial nationally competitive research grant was not renewed are also eligible as long as other criteria are met and that they are not in a no cost extension.  Cancer Center membership is not required.  US citizenship or Permanent Residency Status is required. Questions regarding these criteria should be forwarded to Edward Nelson and cc:

Revised applications are accepted. However, applicants submitting revised applications are required to address the previous submission critiques in detail in a single page response, which are subject to the same border and font constraints as the application. The response to the critiques does not count towards the page limits for the revised application proper. We strongly recommend that the applicants address critiques individually from each reviewer.

Applicants who are writing a grant for the first time are encouraged to consult a senior colleague in their field.

Please email Nita Driscoll at to have the official instruction and forms sent to you if you have difficulty downloading the information from the website.

  • Applications must be typewritten. Narrative areas should be single spaced and 11 pt. Arial font.
  • One application per principal investigator will be considered.
  • The budget should be up to $45,000 per annum with a February 1, 2019 start date.
  • Resubmissions should include an additional single page response to prior critiques.
  • Must have Department Chair signature on first page (electronic signature is accepted)
  • The applications should use the following format:

a.Face Page & Biographical Information (maximum 3 pages please use the ACS form)
-Investigator Information
-Verification of Applicant Eligibility by Department Chair
-Other Research Support (Current & Pending)

b.Project Title & Abstract Page (maximum 500 words)
-Project Title
-Summary of Research
-Specific Aim(s)
-Study Design
-Cancer Relevance

c.Research Plan  (maximum 5 pages) should include:
-Specific Aims
-Rationale/Cancer Relevance
-Plan of Attack (Background and Methods of Procedure)
-Relation to Long Term Research Goals
-References(not required to fit in the 5 pages)

d.Budget Information (maximum 2 pages)
-Investigator Information
-Amount Requested
-Budget Proposed:
-Permanent Equipment
-Budget Justification

Please send both electronic MSWORD and PDF version to

Deadline for Electronic applications is Friday, November 9th by 5:00 PM

Mail Paper copy to arrive by November 16th .
Ms. Nita Driscoll
UCI, Cancer Research Institute
236 Sprague Hall
Irvine, CA  92697-3905
Phone: 949- 824-5886
Emergency contact number:  949-275-1923

Review committee members:  Drs. Edward Nelson (Chair), Peter Donovan, Angela Fleischman, Anand Ganesan, Charlie Limoli, Sora Park Tanjasiri, Craig Walsh, Robert Edwards, Lari Wenzel, and Kyoko Yokomori .


* Research supplies and animal maintenance
* Technical assistance
* Domestic travel when necessary to carry out the proposed research program
* Publication costs, including reprints
* Registration fees at scientific meetings
* Costs of computer time
* Special fee (pathology, photography, etc)
* Stipends for graduate students (NO TUITION OR FEE) and postdoctoral assistants if their role is to promote and sustain the project presented by the junior faculty member
* Equipment costing less than $2,000 (Special justification is necessary for items exceeding this amount)


* Salary of principal investigator
* Student tuition and fees
* Secretarial/administrative personnel
* Office equipment and supplies
* Foreign travel
* Purchasing and binding of periodicals and books
* Dues and membership fees in scientific societies
* Honoraria and travel expenses for visiting lectures
* Recruiting and relocation expenses
* Office and laboratory furniture
* Rental of office or laboratory space
* Per diem charges for hospital beds
* Non-medical or personnel services to patients
* Construction or building maintenance
* Major alterations

(*Updated 10/02/2018*)

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