ACS Seed Grant Awardees


(Rd 21) Nicholas Pannunzio, Department of Medicine, Hem/Onc, “Basis of Chromosomal Translocation Formation in the Etiology of B Cell Malignancies

(Rd 21) Roozbeh Houshyar, Radiological Sciences, “Deep learning classification of prostate cancer phenotypes and surveillance”

(Rd 21) Elizabeth Bess, Chemistry, “Uncovering the Human Gut Microbiome’s Role in Estrogen Metabolism”

(Rd 20) Sha Sun, Developmental & Cell Biology, “Defining the Role of XIST Pathways Dysregulation in the Ovarian Cancer Progress”

(Rd 19) Jonathan Skupsky, Department of Medicine, Gastroenterology, “Treg-inducing nanoparticles for the treatment of ICPI-Induced Colitis”

(Rd 18) Daniel Chow, Department of Radiology, “Deep learning classification of glioblastoma genetic heterogeneity and survivorship”

(Rd 18) Roberto Tinoco, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, “Enhancing T cell function in melanoma tumors by relieving PSGL-1 inhibition”


Claudia Benavente, Pharmaceutical Sciences, “Role of UHRF1 in osteosarcoma and its relationship to RB”

Michelle Digman, Biomedical Engineering, “Mitochondria Recruitment and Metabolism in Cancer Cells”

Farah Rahmatpanah, Department of Pathology, “Demethylation DNA and activation of immune system genes in stroma as a therapeutic for African American Prostate Cancer”

Ritesh Parajuli, Department of Medicine, “Circulating Cancer Associated Fibroblasts as biomarkers in metastatic breast cancer”

Katrine Whiteson, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, “Variations in local microbiome populations in normal colorectal tissue and polyps”


Matthew Inlay, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, “Identifying the precursor to hematopoietic stem cells in the mouse embryo and improving its engraftment upon transplantation”

Devon Lawson, Physiology & Biophysics, “Identification of new approaches to treat metastatic disease”

Elizabeth Brem, Medicine, “Evaluating mitochondrial priming in T-cell lymphomas”

Wenqi Wang, Developmental & Cell Biology, “Hippo Signaling and Breast Cancer Therapy”


Hannah Park, Epidemiology, “Circulating DNA methylation markers for breast cancer in patients undergoing breast biopsy: a pilot study”

Jason Samarasena, Medicine, “Importin α is a novel biomarker of Barrett’s esophagus (BE)-related dysplasia & cancer and promotes growth of BE-derived cancer cells by inducing aberrant VEGF expression”

Peter McHale, Center for Complex Biological Systems, “Dissecting the origins of melanoma: a systems biology approach”


Munjal Acharya, Radiation Oncology, “Neurobiological basis of chemotherapy-induced cognitive dysfunction”

David Buchbinder, Pediatrics, “Passing the Baton: Parents and Transitioning Brain Tumor Survivor Care”

Irene Pedersen, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, “miR-23b Regulation of Tight Junction Formation and Augmentation of Lung Cancer Metastasis”


Alexander Boiko, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, “Functional Characterization of CD271NGFR and Upregulated Genes Specific to Melanoma Cancer Stem Cells in Tumorigenic Assays”

Jered Haun, Biomedical Engineering, “Developing a panel of fluorescence lifetime nanoprobes for highly sensitive and multiplexed proteomic profiling of solid tumor specimens”

Olga Razorenova, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, “Synthetic lethality in cancer therapeutics: exploiting the loss of the VHL tumor suppressor gene”

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