About the Cancer Research Institute

Marian Waterman, Ph.D. Professor and Director

Welcome to the UCI Cancer Research Institute. Approximately 1.45 million people were diagnosed with cancer in the US in 2007; cancer is currently the number 1 killer of people under age 85 in the US, and one of the most feared diseases. While there have been advances in therapies for some cancers, in many cases the “cure” rates are well below 50%. Moreover other cancers have remained refractory to effective treatments or cures (e.g. pancreatic cancer, glioblastoma, melanoma). Thus there is a continuing need for research in cancer at all levels.

The purpose of the UCI Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is to facilitate and coordinate basic cancer-related research and training at UCI.

The CRI has the following goals:

  •     Facilitating cancer-related research of CRI-affiliated faculty and their staff
  •     Facilitating multi-investigator and multi-disciplinary cancer research, including submission of    application for multi-investigator grants and contracts
  •     Functioning as the basic science arm of the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (CFCCC)
  •     Facilitating interdisciplinary research between basic scientists and  clinicians or population scientists
  •     Serving as the Irvine campus focus of the CFCCC
  •     Coordinating graduate and postdoctoral training in cancer research at UCI

Organized Research Unit (ORU)
The CRI is an organized research unit (ORU), recognized by the UC Regents as a center of excellence in basic cancer research. The CRI presently has 67 affiliated faculty, drawn from departments in the School of Biological Sciences, basic and clinical departments from the Medical School, the School of Physical Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the new College of the Health Sciences.

The CRI facilitates basic cancer research at UCI by supporting research efforts of individual affiliate faculty; facilitating collaborative research, including submission of multi-investigator proposals; coordinating graduate and postdoctoral training in cancer research; and sponsoring meetings on cancer-related topics. Since 1994, the CRI and the CFCCC have administered Sprague Hall, a research building dedicated to cancer and genetics. Sprague Hall serves as the physical center of the Cancer Center on the UC Irvine Campus.

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