Cancer Publication Highlight – Matthew R. Janes

Exciting news, a former student of Dr. David Fruman’s Lab and former T32 appointee Matt Janes is a first author on a Cell paper that came out January 25th, 2018. He is a staff scientist at Wellspring Biosciences, working on KRAS inhibitors. It is also potentially exciting news for people with cancers that have the KRAS-G12C mutation.

Targeting KRAS Mutant Cancers with a Covalent G12C-Specific Inhibitor
Matthew R. Janes, Jingchuan Zhang, Lian-Sheng Li, Rasmus Hansen, Ulf Peters, Xin Guo, Yuching Chen, Anjali Babbar, Sarah J. Firdaus, Levan Darjania, Jun Feng, Jeffrey H. Chen, Shuangwei Li, Shisheng Li, Yun O. Long, Carol Thach, Yuan Liu, Ata Zarieh, Tess Ely, Jeff M. Kucharski, Linda V. Kessler, Tao Wu, Ke Yu, Yi Wang, Yvonne Yao, Xiaohu Deng, Patrick P. Zarrinkar, Dirk Brehmer, Dashyant Dhanak, Matthew V. Lorenzi, Dana Hu-Lowe, Matthew P. Patricelli, Pingda Ren, Yi Liu
A covalent inhibitor specific for G12C mutant KRAS induces tumor regression in in vivo models.


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