Fall 2017 Cancer R-I-P Talk Schedule

The Cancer Research-in-Progress Talk Schedule for Fall 2017 Quarter

All talks are held in room 105 Sprague Hall, 12:00 – 1:00 pm

October, 16th

Speaker Lab Talk Title
Stacey Borrego,
Graduate Student
Peter Kaiser “Lipid remodeling associated with methionine stress sensitivity in breast cancer cells”
Han Han,
Postdoctoral Scholar
Wenqi Wang “Phosphatidic Acid Mediates Upstream Signals to Inhibit Hippo Pathway Kinases LATS1/2”

November, 6th

Speaker Lab Talk Title
Stephanie Wu,
Graduate Student
Claudia Benavente “Role of UHRF1 in tumorigenesis and metastasis of osteosarcoma”
Vaishali Jayashankar,
Graduate Student
Aimee Edinger “Activating mutations in PIK3CA induce macropinocytosis increasing breast cancer resistance to nutrient stress”

December, 4th

Speaker Lab Talk Title
Dominique Ingato,
Graduate Student
Young Jik Kwon “Cancer cell-derived, drug-loaded nanovesicles for effective and safe cancer therapy”
Hamad Alshetaiw,
Graduate Student
Kai Kessenbrock “Defining the Role of Myeloid Derived Suppressors Cells in Breast Cancer”

Note: A light lunch will be served during the talks. Disclosure: This announcement does not determine the order of the speakers presenting on that given day.

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