Deadline: Monday, October 23, 2017 by 5:00 pm

The UCI Cancer Research Institute has funds available through the American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant to support cancer research. The purpose of these research grants is to provide pilot funds for basic science, epidemiological, cancer control, psychosocial/behavioral medicine, health policy and clinical cancer research. It is expected that this seed money will allow for the development of nationally competitive proposals for peer-reviewed funding.

Eligible faculty series are: In Line, In Residence, Adjunct, Clinical-X, Clinical and Researcher. Investigators within the first SIX years of their first independent faculty position are eligible. They may not hold a competitive grant from a national agency (e.g. NIH, ACS etc.) or be a previous recipient of an ACS-IRG seed grant. Investigators who hold funds from the California Cancer Program are eligible. Investigators who hold personnel awards (e.g. any award where the majority of the funds are for the express purpose of supporting the investigator’s salary, such as the NIH K series) are eligible to apply as long as other criteria are met. Investigators whose initial nationally competitive research grant was not renewed are also eligible as long as other criteria are met and that they are not in a no cost extension. Cancer Center membership is not required. US citizenship or Permanent Residency Status is required. Questions regarding these criteria should be forwarded to Dr. Edward Nelson , and cc: to

The budget should be up to $45,000 per annum with a December 1, 2017 start date. Resubmissions should include an additional single page response to prior critiques.  Contact the following individual for ACS application forms and instructions or download them from the Cancer Research Institute website.

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