2015 Palm Springs Symposium on HIV/AIDS

“HIV Disease: From Cause to Cure”

March 5-7, 2015 Palm Springs, California

The confirmed speakers are as follows:

 David Baltimore  California Institute of Technology
 Paul Bieniasz Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
Steven Deeks  University of California, San Francisco
 Ronald Desrosiers  University of Miami
 Daniel Douek  NIAID/NIH, Vaccine Research Center
 Warner Greene  Gladstone Institute/UCSF
 Ashley Haase  University of Minnesota
 Daria Hazuda  Merck Research Laboratories
 David Ho  Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
 Keith Jerome  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
 James Riley  University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine
 Nathaniel Landau  New York University School of Medicine
Jeff Lifson  Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
 Julie Overbaugh  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
 Deborah Persaud  Johns Hopkins
 Louis Picker  Oregon Health & Science University
Ruth Ruprecht Texas Biomedical Research Institute
 Timothy Schacker University of Minnesota
 Louise Scharf  California Institute of Technology
Mario Stevenson University of Miami
 Wes Sundquist  University of Utah
Geoff Symonds CALiMMUNE
Alice Telesnitsky University of Michigan
Jerry Zack University of California, Los Angeles
John Zaia The City of Hope


Hung Fan University of California, Irvine
David Brooks University of California, Los Angeles
Jerome A. Zack University of California, Los Angeles
Scott Kitchen University of California, Los Angeles


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