ACS Seed Grant Awardees


Matthew Inlay, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, “Identifying the precursor to hematopoietic stem cells in the mouse embryo and improving its engraftment upon transplantation”

Devon Lawson, Physiology & Biophysics, “Identification of new approaches to treat metastatic disease”

Elizabeth Brem, Medicine, “Evaluating mitochondrial priming in T-cell lymphomas”

Wenqi Wang, Developmental & Cell Biology, “Hippo Signaling and Breast Cancer Therapy”


Hannah Park, Epidemiology, “Circulating DNA methylation markers for breast cancer in patients undergoing breast biopsy: a pilot study”

Jason Samarasena, Medicine, “Importin α is a novel biomarker of Barrett’s esophagus (BE)-related dysplasia & cancer and promotes growth of BE-derived cancer cells by inducing aberrant VEGF expression”

Peter McHale, Center for Complex Biological Systems, “Dissecting the origins of melanoma: a systems biology approach”


Munjal Acharya, Radiation Oncology, “Neurobiological basis of chemotherapy-induced cognitive dysfunction”

David Buchbinder, Pediatrics, “Passing the Baton: Parents and Transitioning Brain Tumor Survivor Care”

Irene Pedersen, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, “miR-23b Regulation of Tight Junction Formation and Augmentation of Lung Cancer Metastasis”


Alexander Boiko, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, “Functional Characterization of CD271NGFR and Upregulated Genes Specific to Melanoma Cancer Stem Cells in Tumorigenic Assays”

Jered Haun, Biomedical Engineering, “Developing a panel of fluorescence lifetime nanoprobes for highly sensitive and multiplexed proteomic profiling of solid tumor specimens”

Olga Razorenova, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, “Synthetic lethality in cancer therapeutics: exploiting the loss of the VHL tumor suppressor gene”

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